Born in Schramberg/Black Forest (Germany) where I attended school, joined the music society, joined my first bands, performed live and started touring. I then studied with Andy Scherrer at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern (Switzerland) from 1989 to 1994 which laid the solid ground and assured my decision to become a professional Jazz Musician.

With up to 250 Live and Studio gigs per year and now more than 50 CD contributions, I got the experience to meet the demands of various music styles and band projects to play solo parts in a stylistic flexibility while keeping my own individual expression in the equal use of soprano, alto and tenor sax.

In November 2013 I published my successful debut album „Magic Hands“ produced by Los Angeles based world class producer Tom Saviano. A relaxed, funky and edgy Fusion Jazz Sound. 

My wish to have my own CD came true and added one more big milestone in my career. It enforced me to compose new tracks for my upcoming CD „Back To You“ out in October 2015 and once again produced by Tom Saviano. Guest singers on „Lucky Chance", were vocal artist and 7 time Grammy Award Winner, Al Jarreau. On "When love is real" you will hear the beautiful shining vocal sound of Evelyn Kallansee of the successful Band TRISTAN. What a great honor for me to record this CD, again with the Who's Who of the US West Coast Jazz Scene and my Band The Alvin Mills Project … thank you all !

„Yo Arno, it was big fun working on „Lucky Chance“. Yes I hope it’s a magical little moment on your record. You sound beautiful man, Al".(Al Jarreau)

For those of you who have heard Arno Haas debut CD from 2013, fasten your seatbelts because Arno’s follow-up album, coming October of this year, is going to take you through a whole new door“. (Tom Saviano)

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Al Jarreau, Duke Ellington Orchestra, Paul Kuhn, Helen Schneider, Mick Taylor, Brian Bromberg, Randy Waldman, Tom Saviano, Franco Ambrosetti, Alvin Lee, Bob Malach, Wolfgang Dauner, Tony Lakatos, Ricky Lawson, Calvin Owens, Anke Helfrich, Joo Kraus, Olaf Polziehn, Stuttgart Jazz Orchester, Kosho, Axel Schlosser, Florian Silbereisen, Torsten DeWinkel, Wencke Myhre, Helene Fischer, Rolf Stahlhofen,  Karel Gott, Richard Clayderman, Tom Novy, Nubya, Joe Lovano, Göla, Sandra Studer, Jürgen Waidele, Guitar Crusher, Nino DeAngelo, Patrick Lindner, Stefan Mross, Nikolas Simion, Maya Brunner, Street Live Family, Polo Hofer, Lokua Kanza, Tony Marshall, Mary Roos, So Kalmery, Henri Dikongué, Wolfgang Haffner, James Moody, Thomas Stabenow, Bert Joris, Jason Wright...